Monday, 8 May 2017

When is your baby ready for solids ?

The answers always varies, but usually around 4 months

Against my mom's wishes i fed my daughter steamed carrots at 4 months and 2 days and we haven't looked back 9 months from now.

I could go into the details of why my dear mother wanted me to feed Amelia rice beans and steak at two months *lol* but lets just say is a cuban thing which maybe i will go into detail about on another post.

I noticed that every time i ate pretty much anything Amelia would lick her lips and started chewing and attempting to grab whatever food i had, I remember our doctor had told us that was usually the first sign of babies being ready for solid food.

Rule of thumb is usually one vegetable or fruit per week, to check for allergies so we started with carrots, peas , sweet potatoes , green beans and so forth.
you will need a few staple items in your kitchen but you DEFINITELY want to get these spoons that tell you if the food is too HOT for your baby to handle
and like bottles; you will manage to lose all of them so you might as well get 2 or 3 sets.

I tried rice cereal and she completely spewed it at me, still hates it to this day.
so i mixed a little bit of cereal with her fruits and vegetable purees, breast milk (then formula) and that's the only way she eats any kind of cereal.
So back to the solids, once you are ready to feed your baby you have two choices :
make your own food, which is the the most amazing, healthy, cheapest and did i mention delicious of feeding your child ?
or you can buy some lame dust filled back of the shelf carrots and green peas and get it over it.

OBVIOUSLY you chose to make your baby food which is why you are here reading this amazing blog filled with recipes and funny stories :)

But honestly....our kids will grow and get married move away and have their own kids, every single minute we spend with them is precious and to be cherished, food has always been a method of bonding and what better memory that of your child smiling at you because you fed him/her some deliciously fresh peas or that of him throwing food everywhere and staining the only pairs of shorts that fit you
ahhhhhhh the memories